Why Use WordPress Compared to Other Content Management Systems?

We all heard the hype of various content management systems, from Joomla, Magento and even WordPress – all top content management systems, but which one is perfect for your website requirements specifically?

website content management system

This is a question that is often asked by many web entrepreneurs that want to setup various niche or authority based websites online – but is it ever answered correctly?

WordPress developers would stick to WordPress, and Joomla users will stick to Joomla, and they keep arguing on who is the best, but the hard fact is, there is no best – both are actually brilliant content management systems, and both can be used for the same things, if you know how to!

For example, Magento is a primarily an e-Commerce content management system, but this does not mean WordPress or Joomla cannot be used for online stores – if you have built all your experience in one CMS, then why change to another system to re-learn and take another 3 years to fully master something? Besides, as a web entrepreneur, isn’t your goal providing value and getting profit in return – note, I said providing value, not just profit.

So if you are looking for reasons on why to use WordPress, you must ask yourself, why are you wanting to create out of WordPress? e-commerce store? blogging platform? and if you want both, then which one will be the primary one you will start with?

And if you do want an ecommerce store, then are there many products or just a handful?

Having many products (over 20) to sell online, it is better to use an ecommerce platform because the mass uploading on WordPress is still in its primitive stages – although it is possible and there are free plugins for doing this – that said, I have setup e-commerce stores using WordPress with no problems at all!

If you want to use WordPress for blogging, then it is a no brainer – why would you use any other platform? You have to have good reason to choose another platform, when even Google prefers using WordPress as a blogging platform – but there are no hard rules on this, so do not feel limited by this.

What is the best CMS platform for setting up a business website?

This again, is a common question asked by web entrepreneurs who have yet to explore WordPress. It is very easy to setup a business website using WordPress. Customizing the look and feel of the website is very easy, and changes are instant to all pages, so you do not have to build a page by page HTML website which would take you 10 times longer, with the same result.


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