Web Design Evolution with WordPress

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Web Design has evolved in so many shapes and sizes ever since the internet has existed. It started off during the time when web design was only limited to a few experts who got away with charging hundreds of thousands to get a web developer and a designer to team up together and create an average looking website – even the people hiring the programmers and developers did not know what to expect all the time.

Times have changed so much – today, you do not actually need to hire a web designer to setup a website for yourself; today you just need WordPress.

WordPress, like other content management systems (CMS) out there is a software/script that is used to manage the website front end (the look of your website) as well as the backend (the functional aspects of your website) – the beauty of such systems is that you get power over a entire website, with ZERO technical skills, let alone any knowledge of what HTML even is!

You can setup an entire professional looking website looking exactly like the other websites online, and be the front face of the competition!

create websites with wordpress

Now, there is a drawback when it comes to such ease of creating websites – everyone can do them! This means even more competition online, and even more people setting up mediocre websites that really do not provide genuine value to the reader who is viewing the site – actually quite the opposite, by crowing the search engine results, its harder to find what you are looking for – this is okay, because eventually, Google and other search engines will get advanced enough to block those kind of websites out totally.

So is WordPress an ideal software to use for creating a website for your business or product/service?

Yes – many online web entrepreneurs are now using WordPress as a content management system to setup their website – to add content they simply login in the backend of the site (only you can see this end of the site) and add pictures, articles and videos or whatever you want – you can even increase the functionality of the website by adding plugins (most of them are free) which help you or your readers/customers with using your website.



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