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Cost of Setting up a Website UK – The Inside Secrets

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There are various costs of setting up a website in the UK – or even anywhere in the world and they are as follows:

1. Domain name (for example

This ranges from around £9.99 from a web services provider – you can buy this from the same place you buy your web hosting.

2. Web Hosting Services

The most cost effective way, and professional way of setting up a website is to use WordPress – WordPress is a free software which sits inside the server, and helps you manage your website without technical knowledge or prior experience of web design or development.

A Web hosting service is a company that offers web space to allow your website files to reside in – this is what the domain name (mentioned above) will link with to form your website. A list of the top WordPress hosting companies can be found here.

3. Content for Website

Most people don’t account for the content they will need on their website and think this is the easy part – this is a grave mistake.

You need well written content which is not copied from online sources – this is because search engines hate websites with content that is copied; unless you are quoting content, that is fine, but copying articles and posts from other sites will get your website penalized and you will not appear in the search engines at all.

You can hire someone to do this, or you can take your time and write up value filled articles to help your website and your readers happy.

If its a business website, then I suggest writing the content yourself, and then hiring someone to proof-read the pages for any errors or any way to improve it – don’t write so much, aim to make each sentence dense with information rather than trying to increase word-count, which makes the article a pain to read.

These are the 3 most important basic costs of setting up a website anywhere, be it in the UK, or in the USA – the same principals apply.