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Best Way to Market Your Website Online and Offline

Marketing Your Website

With more and more websites coming up online, people are disheartened when they know that they have thousands of competitors; this is not an accurate way of thinking because many people actually do setup sites, but many leave them running and do not constantly do any marketing for the sites whatsoever!

This means that those sites disappear in search engine results, and they also disappear in every kind of social media presence (which by the way, is essential!).

The overwhelming numbers of websites should not discourage anyone to creating a website on whatever topic – because the biggest and most powerful tool of marketing is?

Hint: Picture Above

Yes! The biggest tool of marketing is word of mouth! Especially in today’s modern society, people do not buy from TV adverts or magazines anymore; people buy from people they feel they can trust and relate to; this is why many marketing companies try to replicate your life in their advertisements, but the affects of these are not working as strongly as they did; because as humans, we have evolved to see past the bullshit (crappy quality products).

This is great news for people providing value, because their competition will become non-existent in no-time, and allow them to provide even more value than they ever did previously! What an awesome win-win situation!

So, how do you start Word of Mouth Marketing Campaigns?

This is easy, well, at least its simple enough – there are many ways to start a word of mouth campaign, with one, essential common factor – to provide extreme value; meaning, going the extra mile to help each and every customer.

How on earth does one satisfy let alone go the extra mile for each customer? Isn’t that costly and not practical?

Create an expectation with your customer, and always over-deliver. This means that if you sell french fries at a stall; give a freebie with it, or serve the fries in such a way, that others would not expect, such as, on a luxury box with a dip of 2 different sauces already attached to it, along with a napkin – they did not ask you for those extras, but you are giving them, this is exceeding their expectations and will allow you to benefit with the word of mouth so fast you will forget your own frikken name!

But what about for Online businesses?

Simple – blog topics that nobody has ever blogged about, give so much intense free information which normally people will pay for, and you will see how viral your website goes!

Use YouTube to help you blog as some people are too busy to read articles these days; plus, visuals are always better selling to people, as they can relate to another human being better than just words written on a screen!

Bonus: It is easy to talk bullshit and stretch out a blog just to get extra words in, and to reach a word limit requirement, but the real diamond blogs come from those who compress and make each sentence so information and value dense, that even reading one sentence gives a mental orga*m to the reader!