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Cost of Setting up a Website UK – The Inside Secrets

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There are various costs of setting up a website in the UK – or even anywhere in the world and they are as follows:

1. Domain name (for example

This ranges from around £9.99 from a web services provider – you can buy this from the same place you buy your web hosting.

2. Web Hosting Services

The most cost effective way, and professional way of setting up a website is to use WordPress – WordPress is a free software which sits inside the server, and helps you manage your website without technical knowledge or prior experience of web design or development.

A Web hosting service is a company that offers web space to allow your website files to reside in – this is what the domain name (mentioned above) will link with to form your website. A list of the top WordPress hosting companies can be found here.

3. Content for Website

Most people don’t account for the content they will need on their website and think this is the easy part – this is a grave mistake.

You need well written content which is not copied from online sources – this is because search engines hate websites with content that is copied; unless you are quoting content, that is fine, but copying articles and posts from other sites will get your website penalized and you will not appear in the search engines at all.

You can hire someone to do this, or you can take your time and write up value filled articles to help your website and your readers happy.

If its a business website, then I suggest writing the content yourself, and then hiring someone to proof-read the pages for any errors or any way to improve it – don’t write so much, aim to make each sentence dense with information rather than trying to increase word-count, which makes the article a pain to read.

These are the 3 most important basic costs of setting up a website anywhere, be it in the UK, or in the USA – the same principals apply. 


Best Way to Market Your Website Online and Offline

Marketing Your Website

With more and more websites coming up online, people are disheartened when they know that they have thousands of competitors; this is not an accurate way of thinking because many people actually do setup sites, but many leave them running and do not constantly do any marketing for the sites whatsoever!

This means that those sites disappear in search engine results, and they also disappear in every kind of social media presence (which by the way, is essential!).

The overwhelming numbers of websites should not discourage anyone to creating a website on whatever topic – because the biggest and most powerful tool of marketing is?

Hint: Picture Above

Yes! The biggest tool of marketing is word of mouth! Especially in today’s modern society, people do not buy from TV adverts or magazines anymore; people buy from people they feel they can trust and relate to; this is why many marketing companies try to replicate your life in their advertisements, but the affects of these are not working as strongly as they did; because as humans, we have evolved to see past the bullshit (crappy quality products).

This is great news for people providing value, because their competition will become non-existent in no-time, and allow them to provide even more value than they ever did previously! What an awesome win-win situation!

So, how do you start Word of Mouth Marketing Campaigns?

This is easy, well, at least its simple enough – there are many ways to start a word of mouth campaign, with one, essential common factor – to provide extreme value; meaning, going the extra mile to help each and every customer.

How on earth does one satisfy let alone go the extra mile for each customer? Isn’t that costly and not practical?

Create an expectation with your customer, and always over-deliver. This means that if you sell french fries at a stall; give a freebie with it, or serve the fries in such a way, that others would not expect, such as, on a luxury box with a dip of 2 different sauces already attached to it, along with a napkin – they did not ask you for those extras, but you are giving them, this is exceeding their expectations and will allow you to benefit with the word of mouth so fast you will forget your own frikken name!

But what about for Online businesses?

Simple – blog topics that nobody has ever blogged about, give so much intense free information which normally people will pay for, and you will see how viral your website goes!

Use YouTube to help you blog as some people are too busy to read articles these days; plus, visuals are always better selling to people, as they can relate to another human being better than just words written on a screen!

Bonus: It is easy to talk bullshit and stretch out a blog just to get extra words in, and to reach a word limit requirement, but the real diamond blogs come from those who compress and make each sentence so information and value dense, that even reading one sentence gives a mental orga*m to the reader!




Why Use WordPress Compared to Other Content Management Systems?

We all heard the hype of various content management systems, from Joomla, Magento and even WordPress – all top content management systems, but which one is perfect for your website requirements specifically?

website content management system

This is a question that is often asked by many web entrepreneurs that want to setup various niche or authority based websites online – but is it ever answered correctly?

WordPress developers would stick to WordPress, and Joomla users will stick to Joomla, and they keep arguing on who is the best, but the hard fact is, there is no best – both are actually brilliant content management systems, and both can be used for the same things, if you know how to!

For example, Magento is a primarily an e-Commerce content management system, but this does not mean WordPress or Joomla cannot be used for online stores – if you have built all your experience in one CMS, then why change to another system to re-learn and take another 3 years to fully master something? Besides, as a web entrepreneur, isn’t your goal providing value and getting profit in return – note, I said providing value, not just profit.

So if you are looking for reasons on why to use WordPress, you must ask yourself, why are you wanting to create out of WordPress? e-commerce store? blogging platform? and if you want both, then which one will be the primary one you will start with?

And if you do want an ecommerce store, then are there many products or just a handful?

Having many products (over 20) to sell online, it is better to use an ecommerce platform because the mass uploading on WordPress is still in its primitive stages – although it is possible and there are free plugins for doing this – that said, I have setup e-commerce stores using WordPress with no problems at all!

If you want to use WordPress for blogging, then it is a no brainer – why would you use any other platform? You have to have good reason to choose another platform, when even Google prefers using WordPress as a blogging platform – but there are no hard rules on this, so do not feel limited by this.

What is the best CMS platform for setting up a business website?

This again, is a common question asked by web entrepreneurs who have yet to explore WordPress. It is very easy to setup a business website using WordPress. Customizing the look and feel of the website is very easy, and changes are instant to all pages, so you do not have to build a page by page HTML website which would take you 10 times longer, with the same result.


Web Design Evolution with WordPress

web design wordpress

Web Design has evolved in so many shapes and sizes ever since the internet has existed. It started off during the time when web design was only limited to a few experts who got away with charging hundreds of thousands to get a web developer and a designer to team up together and create an average looking website – even the people hiring the programmers and developers did not know what to expect all the time.

Times have changed so much – today, you do not actually need to hire a web designer to setup a website for yourself; today you just need WordPress.

WordPress, like other content management systems (CMS) out there is a software/script that is used to manage the website front end (the look of your website) as well as the backend (the functional aspects of your website) – the beauty of such systems is that you get power over a entire website, with ZERO technical skills, let alone any knowledge of what HTML even is!

You can setup an entire professional looking website looking exactly like the other websites online, and be the front face of the competition!

create websites with wordpress

Now, there is a drawback when it comes to such ease of creating websites – everyone can do them! This means even more competition online, and even more people setting up mediocre websites that really do not provide genuine value to the reader who is viewing the site – actually quite the opposite, by crowing the search engine results, its harder to find what you are looking for – this is okay, because eventually, Google and other search engines will get advanced enough to block those kind of websites out totally.

So is WordPress an ideal software to use for creating a website for your business or product/service?

Yes – many online web entrepreneurs are now using WordPress as a content management system to setup their website – to add content they simply login in the backend of the site (only you can see this end of the site) and add pictures, articles and videos or whatever you want – you can even increase the functionality of the website by adding plugins (most of them are free) which help you or your readers/customers with using your website.