Best WordPress Hosting UK – Graph of the Top Hosts

WordPress Hosting UK Based Ratings - Based on Support, Server Uptime, Value for Money, Business History and More (Please Read Below)

WordPress Hosting UK Based Ratings – Based on Support, Server Uptime, Value for Money, Business History and More (Please Read Below)

When seeking powerful cluster cloud WordPress hosting services in the UK, selecting a random company can get you in hot water in no time; pre-sales support is always great by many companies, but what about after sale?

There are simply too many things to be thinking about when you are looking to purchase a WordPress plan and this is where we come in; without having affiliation to any host, we present the latest, cutting edge companies that actually deliver on what they promise – actually, our top rated host is only ever rated as a “top” when we notice them over-delivering on their promise – this not only means value for money, but getting more features, better control panel, easier management, faster servers and even faster support response!

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So, What is WordPress, and why on Earth should a Web Entrepreneur be ever-so-slightly interested in it?

Modern business concept

WordPress started off as a blogging platform, but has evolved (healthily) into a spectacular content management system which can support not only blogs, but websites for business representation, law offices and other professionals including setting up e-commerce platforms – and let’s not forget Photography sites where you can present your portfolio for all to see!

Other software do that too, what’s special about WordPress?

WordPress is FREE!

Its Supported by Hundreds if not Thousands of Developers working on Improvements in Security, Features and Extra Functions!

It is Easy to use by Non-Tech Savvy People who Want to Focus on Business goals rather than technical goals for the site.

Its like instant coffee, but instead of water, you add plugins for instant additional functionality which would normally require weeks to produce by hiring a programmer and being tech savvy – with this you simply search “this and that plugin wordpress” on google, and viola, you find your answer in most cases!

easy to use wordpress

Making a website that is run by WordPress look professional, neat and super powerful is easy as one click of a mouse button to change the theme (free); normally would cost you 2-3 weeks of editing if you did it in another way!

If you’re not convinced on using WordPress to setup sites at this point, we suggest you close this website, as you probably don’t need it… (hehe)